I am so happy you entered my giveaway!

As a thank you I have sent you a gift voucher to use towards your family photography session in the streets of Hong Kong.

Let's create memories that last a lifetime.

So why book your family photography session with me?

Because my shooting style is simple yet beautiful: I love capturing real family moments in the streets of Hong Kong which means nothing forced or posed! 


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"We had lots of fun and are very pleased with the results... I was impressed by your kindness and patience with our children and your ability to get some great shots of them"

-Kate M.

  • Book a Hong Kong Family Photography Session

    Fill out an inquiry form & let me help answer any of your questions.


    You can select your date from my calendar and your session is confirmed once you have paid your session fee.

  • Prepare for your Family Photography Session

    I want you to be prepared so on the day you can relax and ENJOY the experience. 


    I will be on hand to select outfits together, figure out the best locations and give you all the tips and tricks to help prepare the family for the Hong Kong photography session

    (HINT: you don’t have to do much!!) 

  • The day of your Hong Kong Family Photography Session

    You have two things to do: 

    1.  Relax

    2.  Have fun! 


    I will arrange your family and make sure we get everyones best side. Don't worry my previous career as a nanny has given me so much experience wrangling children and adults too!

Prices starting from 2900 HKD...

Let me answer your questions!

Are your sessions only for families?

No way! Our photo sessions are for anyone and everyone - we can even include your pets!

Where do the family photography sessions take place?

This will depend on you.  During our preparation you can share your ideas and preferences and I will also send through a guide with recommended locations.  We will work together to choose the best location for your family.  

Some ideas of locations for your next Hong Kong family photography session

Can you help me choose what to wear?

When you book your Hong Kong family photography session with me I provide an extensive preparation and style guide.  I wrote this with my clients in mind taking into account the various back drops we typically find around the city.  It is full of helpful style tips and covers patterns, colours, and accessories.  

While you put together your outfits I am always available to give you a second opinion.   Send me a quick photo of what you have put together and I can help advise.  

As always the best style advice I can give you is to always be yourself.   Wear something comfortable.  Now is not the time to flirt with a new style.  Save that for your next family brunch! 

Im worried my children (or husband!) won't behave!

Don’t worry after more than 10 years as a professional nanny and now having two step sons of my own I have lots of experience wrangling kids and families together. 

Besides I know you don’t want perfectly poised photos. We will get the shots that capture your kids’ personalities. My Hong Kong family photography sessions are designed to be engaging and fun so even the most stubborn toddler, strong willed teenager and surly spouse cannot help but jump in and join the fun.

In my experience, because I give families permission to be silly, playful, everyone seems to relax and melt into the moment without a care about the camera—just the way I want it to be.

How do you know I am the right photographer for your family?

Let's start by saying I am NOT the right photographer for everyone! I believe that family photography should be a fun, easy experience. You won't see me forcing my clients into awkward poses or making them do stiff, unnatural things. This only leads to a gallery full of the same posed images that lack real personality. Instead, I want to capture real connection—the kind of joy that comes from being yourself and being surrounded by people who love you for exactly who you are.

This leads to the most authentic moments, not posed ones. The best sessions are when you forget I'm there and just have fun together as a family. In this way I capture your families joy in the most natural way.