Five things I KNOW about the Flower Market

Whether it is from Prince Edward station exit B1 or Mong Kok East station exit C, it only takes a 5 minute walk to get to the century-old street flower market. Though it is a known tourist spot in Hong Kong and is aesthetically pleasing, it never fails to present you with flowers, potted plants, and exotic plants that you want in the two streets in Mong Kok. Here are my five things I know about the Flower Market in Mong Kok and hopefully you will learn a bit more about Hong Kong. 




How To Get There?

There are two ways to get to the Flower Market road in Mong Kok:

  • From Prince Edward station
  • From Mong Kok East station 

Prince Edward station exit B1 will lead you to Prince Edward road West. If you keep walking straight East, you’ll reach the flower market. 

Mong Kok East station exit C will lead you to a footbridge to Sai Yee street. Follow the signs to the Flower Market road. 



Initially, the market was a place where flower shop owners would purchase flowers for their shop as a stock. However, with more than 50 plant shops within the two roads, this road has officially bore the name as "花墟道" which means flower market road. Not only did this road serve as a flower market only for citizens, it became a characterized tourism destination in Hong Kong gaining attraction. But the busiest days are Chinese New Year where flowers and plants (bamboo, Orchid, Narcissus) are purchased for good luck. 


Seasonal Flowers

Plants and flowers at the market in Hong Kong

The flower market sells various kinds of flowers, exotic plants, and even vegetable plants and fruit trees. From the obvious daisies to Rosemary, Orchid to cherry blossom buds, Venus Fly Trap to Pitcher Plants. And for the obvious, the kumquat and little mandarin trees can’t be missed for the Chinese New Year! The best thing out of all is that the prices are all decent and not too expensive!

I’m always tempted to buy the adorable $10 HKD cactus whenever I see them in the display outside. I mean, what’s better than some potted cactus at home?


Plants and…Cats?

Cat sleeping in Hong Kong flower market

Though the market presents you with leaves and petals, the furry pets are always snoozing among the tightly packed baskets of plants. Many Hong Kong stall owners usually have cats for their shop to sway the insects and mice away. From what I see though, it seems like they are procrastinating in their job. But there is no doubt why the cats drowse there, when the street is bathed in warm sunlight!


Dry Flower & Plants

To all those forgetful plant keepers, why not try dry flowers and plants? Dry flowers and plants are gaining a lot of popularity in the years with the benefits of being long lasting and care-free. In the Flower Market road, the Hing Fat Flower Market sells both the blooming and dried flowers. Dry flowers and plants are always a great option for long-lasting bouquets.  

Address: Cambo House, 184號 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok
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