How the Corporate Team Building Photography Challenge Works

Our Corporate Team Building Photography Challenge is a unique and innovative way to bring your team together, strengthen their bond and encourage creativity. We provide your team with a list of engaging tasks to complete, while doing so they will discover Hong Kong’s most exciting points of interest. The challenge can also be tailored to your company's specific philosophies and objectives.

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How many people can join?

Anywhere from 12 to 100+ participants can join the scavenger hunt.

How long does the team building experience take?

I recommend a minimum of 2 hours including the briefing, activity time and prize ceremony.

What do I need to prepare before the event?

To be honest not much! We need a space to start & end the event and a list of participant via email. Otherwise this is a full service event where there are staff onsite to ensure everything runs smoothly and gives space to allow you to full immerse yourself in the experience.

What is the timeline of the event on the day?

  • 15 minute briefing to go over the activity and break up into teams
  • 5 minutes for teams to coordinate and strategize
  • Minimum of 1 hour game play time where players work in small team groups to complete tasks and score points in hopes of securing 1st place
  • 20-30 minutes to wrap up, discussion & awarding of prizes

Does your package include food?

No, the standard corporate team building package does not include food. You can however request a full service option where you can add on additional services such as food or beverage arrangement.

Benefits of the Challenge

Our Corporate Team Building Photography Challenge provides numerous benefits for your company & its team members. The challenge encourages teamwork and collaboration. Team members will work together to complete the challenges, with the help of photo clues, riddles, directions, QR codes, monuments and more! It has also been purposely designed to encourage communication between team members; participants must communicate effectively with each other to complete the tasks. The challenge also aims to foster creativity, enhance problem-solving skills and boost morale within the team.

  • Team finding a neon sign in a corporate team building challenge
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Corporate Team Building Photography Challenge

We are passionate about creating fun, engaging and purposeful team building experiences that leave a lasting impression on your team.

Our experienced event planner and photographer will work with your corporation to create a customised challenge that meets the needs of your company's philosophies and objectives. Our professional team will be on hand to provide guidance and support throughout the challenge.

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