Are you looking for a Family Photographer in Hong Kong?

  • HK Family photo in a Hong Kong Street Market
  • Family photo Hong Kong with a red Hong Kong taxi driving past

As a family photographer, I love capturing the real side of your family. You know, the good, silly and crazy moments that you know so well.  It's those little moments that make you laugh and cry but also brings you closer together as a family unit.


My documentary family photography style is more than just getting great images; it's about capturing memories for generations to come. The best part is that my approach is very relaxed and natural—I'm not here to tell you what to do or how to act; I want you to feel comfortable being yourselves around me so we can create amazing photos together!

Hong Kong Family Photographer Picture of family of boys

Thank you so much, what a fantastic photographer you are! Thank you for capturing those beautiful pictures - what a precious memory to keep. - D.G.

Always the photographer but never in the photos?

Trust me this is the story I hear over and over again! Mums around Hong Kong tell me often they have a phone full of photos and they are not in them or are not happy with how they look.

I know this all too well. I am always asking my fiance for a photo retake.

Why not let me help photograph your family in Hong Kong.

  • Book a Hong Kong Family Photography Session

    Fill out an inquiry form & let me help answer any of your questions.


    You can select your date from our calendar and your session is confirmed once you have paid your booking fee.

  • Prepare for your Family Photography Session

    I want you to be prepared so on the day you can relax and ENJOY the experience. 


    I will be on hand to select outfits together, figure out the best locations and give you all the tips and tricks to help prepare the family for the Hong Kong photography session

    (HINT: you don’t have to do much!!) 

  • The day of your Hong Kong Family Photography Session

    You have two things to do: 

    1.  Relax

    2.  Have fun! 


    I will arrange your family and make sure we get everyones best side. Don't worry my previous career as a nanny has given me so much experience wrangling children and adults too!

Hi Nicole, thank you so much! We love the photos. Again thank you for capturing our family's joy. - G.N.

  • Family photography playing in the park in Hong Kong with a small boy going down the slide.
  • Family photographer Hong Kong capturing family of 5 in Hong Kong streets

So why choose me as your family photographer in Hong Kong?

Because my shooting style is simple yet beautiful: I love capturing real family moments in the streets of Hong Kong which means nothing forced or posed! 

Let me answer your questions!

Are your sessions only for families?

No way! Our photo sessions are for anyone and everyone - we can even include your pets!

Where do the family photography sessions take place?

This will depend on you.  During our preparation you can share your ideas and preferences and I will also send through a guide with recommended locations.  We will work together to choose the best location for your family.  

Can you help me choose what to wear?

Yes! Once our Hong Kong family photography session together has been confirmed I will e-mail you thorugh a style guide. I will also be available for extra guidance via whatsapp.

My children might be a bit difficult can we still get the photos I want?

Don’t worry after more than 10 years as a professional nanny and now having two step sons of my own I have lots of experience wrangling kids.  Besides I know you don’t want perfectly poised photos. We will get the shots that capture your kids’ personalities.