Five things I KNOW about the Goldfish Market

The walls of the fish inside plastic bags is, for sure, an unforgettable scenery when you visit the Goldfish Market. Known as the “Goldfish Market,” this iconic Hong Kong market is located in Tung Choi street, Mong Kok. 



Here are my five things I know about the Goldfish Market and hopefully you will learn a bit more about Hong Kong. 


Why are all the fish inside the bag? 

The bags are pumped with oxygen with price and the fish type scribbled with a marker, hanging outside the stalls under the blue and red lights. This helps potential buyers to easily identify the fish as well as saving space for the owner since the stalls are usually extremely small.

Looking at those poor fish in the bag does hurt my heart but it is good to know that the fish are generally returned back into the tank at the end of the day. 


Why goldfish?

Feng Shui is a practice that harmonizes spiritual forces and is a big thing in Hong Kong.

In fact, goldfish in Feng Shui represents abundance and prosperity because of its golden color and belongs to the water element that represents wealth and abundance as well. 

BUT, that doesn’t mean it can be any number of goldfishes. Many Fung Shui practitioners recommend 9 gold fishes because they represent lifelong prosperity. 

Why not visit the Goldfish Market to raise some of your luck?



There was always a great demand for goldfish because of Feng Shui but Hong Kong is one of the main exporters for goldfish and exotic tropical fish. This all started from the 1960s when fish breeders from the New Territories district started selling their fish. Initially sold on Boundary Street, after the rebuilding of the railway station, shop owners decided to sell them in shops leading to their expansion in the Goldfish Market today. 



When you visit the Goldfish Market, you might also have come across the bugs and the insects. [insert sarcastic tone] They are truly lovely… Anyhow, do you know what they are for? They are fish food as well as food for reptiles. Although they are nasty, it is an essential part of a fishes diets.


Lizards, Spiders, and Rabbits?

Even though this market is known for its bagged fish, it is also known as the “Pet Market Street.” You can find animals ranging from turtles, iguanas, snakes, and spiders. Just to note, there are stores with  “NO PICTURE” sign. This is to not surprise the animals so just beware of those signs if you want to take a picture.

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