2023 Summer Bucket List in Hong Kong

Summer Bucket List 2023 in Hong Kong

You already know summer has come to Hong Kong when the humidity suffocates you the moment you go out and freezes you with the AC everywhere you go. Speaking of summer, how are you spending your summer with your family? Perhaps this summer bucket list can help you and your family have some of the greatest time in Hong Kong!


Join a Summer Photography Workshop

Girl taking a photo in a Hong Kong temple


Spending a whole two months with your family and children can be draining. Family bonding is all great but how about feeling productive as well? What if I told you that you could wander around Hong Kong, bond with your loved ones, and build a new skill all at the same time? Wander with Nicole has a photography workshop where you can learn how to take a picture that tells your story. It doesn’t require a professional camera (a mobile phone is fine) and is open from all levels including beginners.


Beat the Summer Heat by Taking a Night Hike 

Hong Kong summer noon sounds already like you are about to drench in sweat—so why not go for a night hike? With cooler weather, moon above you, and some flashlights, you are good to go! In fact, if you get to the right places, you will definitely see Hong Kong’s pride, the glimmering night view. The Peak, Braemar Hill and Devil’s Peak are some of Hong Kong’s family-friendly hikes if you want to check it out yourselves. 


Cheung Chau in the Summer 

Boats in the water in Cheung Chau Island


Island hopping is a great way to explore the outlying islands of Hong Kong. One of my personal favorite spots is Cheung Chau with the fish balls, seafood, and the beaches! They are definitely different from the skyscraper Central on the postcards but rather with lower buildings, sea breezes, and seafood. They also have the annual bun festival happening from May 23, 2023 - May 27, 2023 so if you want to start your summer early, have at it!

You can catch the ferry from Central ferry pier from $14 - $30 for adults and $7 - $14 for senior, children, or disabled individuals. 


Tseung Kwan O Outdoor Swimming Pool

Tseung Kwan O Outdoor Swimming Pool is definitely listed in one of the “How to Beat Hong Kong’s Summer 101.” Located near Po Lam station, all families can find their fun! There are eight pools in total including one for toddlers, different water slides, sprinklers, and water pistols. For adults, it will cost $17 for weekdays and $20 for weekends while the concessionary during weekdays is $8 and weekends are $9.

They are closed on Mondays and have different sessions so make sure you check their schedule before you go!


Science Museum

Mirror exhibit in the Hong Kong Science Museum

Another way to have a break from Hong Kong’s heat is to go to the Hong Kong Science Museum! With fun interactive exhibitions on light, mirrors, sound, motion, mathematics, and electricity and magnetism, the kids can engage and experience the science behind all the things we do. The standard ticket is $20, concessionary is $10, and children under 4 years old accompanied by an adult are free. Speaking of free… admission on Wednesdays costs $0 HKD so I recommend your family go on a Wednesday!
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