Hong Kong Family Portrait Session Locations

Hong Kong Family Portrait Session Locations 

When you are planning a Hong Kong family portrait session its essential to pick a location that evokes the feel of the city you’re looking for.  Theirs always something exhilarating about being surrounded by towering skyscrapers and colourful markets or the waves crashing and sand between your little ones toes.  


What to consider when choosing your Hong Kong family portrait session location 

  • When planning your family photo session the location is one of the biggest decisions to think about.  You should take into account is where you live (or have lived).  You might also consider areas your family spend time in or that have a special meaning to you.  

Some of my favourite places to capture families in Hong Kong include: 

- Parks: Botanic Gardens, Sun Yat Sen, Tamar Park and Hong Kong Park are all great choices for family portrait session locations on Hong Kong Island.  I also love Kowloon Park, and Kowloon Walled City Park.   

Beaches:  Discovery Bay North Beach and Repulse Bay Beaches are fun for family portrait session locations in Hong Kong.  If you are local to Sai Kung then why not have a family session along the promenade and end up at Sha Ha Beach.

Other ways to capture your memories in a vibrant city such as Hong Kong is to pick your favourite transport to star along your your family in your portrait session.  The Star Ferry or Tram are some of the most iconic forms of transportation in the world.  What a fabulous way to keep your Hong Kong memories. 


Not sure what is right for your family?  Why don't we jump on a call and make a plan for your Hong Kong family portrait session together.  Sometimes it's easier to figure things out when you have someone to discuss the ideas with!  


Nicole x 


Together we can discuss what is included in your Hong Kong family photography session.  And make sure you are well prepared to get the best of out your family portrait session.  We have different session packages to choose from.  You can read more about the different family photography session packages.  

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