Hong Kong frames and how my photography business started

Heres the story of how my photography business began. 

On the hunt for the perfect gift for my friend leaving Hong Kong - one that oozed with nostalgia reminding her of the amazing memories she had in this great city.  I couldn't find something 'just right' so I ended up creating my own. 


The first Hong Kong frame

The original Hong Kong frame is the bamboo taxi frame with a mini Hong Kong taxi inside.  At the leaving party everyone loved it.  From a push by a few good friends I started to create Wander with Nicole. 


In the beginning Wander With Nicole wasn’t just focused on Hong Kong frames.  We also sold greeting cards.  The funny thing about also doing greeting cards is though I designed a high end product I had no idea how many would sell….

At my first market I showed up in Discovery Bay with 2000 greeting cards… yes that is not a typo from 20 or even 200. 

I really did haul on the Discovery Bay Ferry over 2000 Hong Kong greeting cards in a hopes to make a good sale… 


The first market was a success but that was mostly thanks to my friends who came out to support me.  Even still at the end of the day I carried back 1950 greeting cards.  


My first market stall was teeny.  In fact I only paid for a half stall.  And though I knew people would love my Hong Kong frames and I carted over 5 or 6 designs with me.  I could only display two of them on my table.  I have since upgraded and my current stand size can hold 12 frames at a time. 


 Hong Kong Frames market stall


Over the past 4.5 years I have had much success, some failure, many new experiences had and beautiful friendships formed.  Everyday is a learning experience but everyday I wake up excited to create, excited to photograph this city and excited to share my art with you. 


Wander with Nicole is more than just Hong Kong framed pictures.  Our photography captures the feelings and memories you share in this city.  It is a piece of art you can carry with you on your travels.  Letting you reminisce about eating dim sum with friends or weekend trips on the Star Ferry.




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