Hong Kong Puzzles

Hong Kong Puzzles 

Puzzles are a great pastime, and they can be enjoyed by all ages. They're also beneficial to your health! Puzzles help you relax, as well as improving your hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and problem solving skills.

The joy of doing puzzles with a Hong Kong theme is that it offers an opportunity for you (and your family) to explore the city together through its history, culture and landmarks in an engaging way.


Where to Find Hong Kong-Themed Puzzles

You can find a wide variety of Hong Kong-themed puzzles online and in local retailers such as Bookazine. You can also find them in our online gift shop.  Our kids Hong Kong puzzle is a muti-level puzzle that grows with your child and is actually 3 puzzles in 1 making it a great rainy day family activity.  Our 1000 piece Hong Kong puzzle is geared for families where the kids are a bit older or for adults looking for something unique to destress and relax.  


Choosing the Right HK Puzzle

Choosing the right puzzle for you and your family is important. You want to make sure that you are choosing a puzzle that will be fun and challenging, but not too difficult for anyone involved.

The age of the person who will be doing the puzzle should be taken into consideration when choosing its size and difficulty level. For example, if you are buying a puzzle for a young child (4 years old), then it may be best to choose an easy-to-do picture where there isn't much detail or color variation in each piece; this will allow them enough time to complete their project without getting frustrated by trying something too hard for them at such an early age. On the other hand if someone is older (such as an adult) then they may enjoy having more detail in their pieces so they can spend longer doing their work without becoming bored easily while completing it!


Assembling and Displaying your Hong Kong Puzzle 

Remember while assembling your HK puzzle If you're having trouble finding a piece, try looking at it from different angles. This may help you see where it belongs in relation to other pieces on the board.

The joy of completing a puzzle is the satisfaction of a job well done. The pleasure of sharing the finished product with friends and family is something that can't be described in words.

Now all of our Hong Kong Puzzles fit into an ikea frame so you can display your hard work on the wall as a new piece of art


I hope you've enjoyed this article on how to do puzzles with a Hong Kong theme, and I hope it has inspired you to try one yourself!


Nicole xx 


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