Hong Kong Street Photography Top Tips!

Hong Kong Street Photography

My top tips to get the best photos; even with your phone!


Search Hong Kong streets but ultimately work with what you have. 

Hong Kong is busy and often in areas quite gritty.  Using that to your advantage will go along way!   I often look down little alley ways or wander in streets I have never been.  That is often when I am the most surprised.  Stacks of dim sum baskets, or that shop cat lurking hoping to catch a rat.  If you need a bit more direction when capturing street photography in Hong Kong for the first time one option is to look for colour blocks like I did for my Colours of Hong Kong Puzzle.  Remember before you take your shot, check the area for anything distracting.  Move closer, or change your point of view so you can remove any unwanted objects (like a rubbish bin) from your photo.  


Show depth in your Street Photography

Most photos look better when they give the viewers eye a path to follow.  This can often turn a flat photo into something with a WOW factor that you will be rushing to frame and hang on the wall.  There are a few techniques you can use to make your photo more intriguing.  One of the most powerful (and popular) methods is using leading lines in your composition.   
Roads, alleys, tram tracks, railings, and sky bridges make excellent leading lines.  Having your line lead from the foreground out into the distance gives the viewer a path to follow and ultimately makes your photo more engaging.  
LKF Taxi Hong Kong
My "Take me to LKF" 3D frame is a great example of leading lines.   Follow the taxis while you take in all the elements which makes this a truly Hong Kong image.  

Take your Hong Kong street photos during the golden hours

Shoot your photos during Golden Hours for the most amazing light!  If you want to get the best photos having great light will be one of your biggest assets!  In fact among all of our tips this is probably one of the most important.
So then how do you find the best light?
A failsafe way to ensure you have the best light when capturing your street photography get out during the golden hours.   Golden hours are the hour or two after the sunrise & before the sunset.  This time of head is when the light is softer and golden.  The beautiful soft light casts a wonderful glow over the streets which makes for amazing images.
Hong Kong Skyline with Star Ferry
This is just the beginning.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more tips and tricks to get the Hong Kong street photography you wanted.  But if you want more personalised help putting this all together or you are looking to practice in the wild.  Come join one of our upcoming Street Photography Workshops and wander the streets with me.
See you on the streets! 
Nicole xx
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