How to Create Your Own Hong Kong Photography Book

How to Create Your Own Hong Kong Photography Book

You might be thinking: ‘Why should I create my own Hong Kong Photography book?’ Well, there are many reasons why you should be creating your own Hong Kong photography book.

  • It allows you to relive your fun memories in Hong Kong!
  • Especially if you’re a mum with kids, you can capture your children's childhood!
  • It can be a great personalised gift for your loved ones

Those are only a few points from an infinite list.

Anyways, here are the steps to create your photography book. 


Photography Workshops for your Hong Kong Photography Book

To create your own Hong Kong photography book, you have to begin somewhere and photography workshops are a great way to start. Photography workshops are an opportunity to build up your photo collections and skills. Beyond that workshops also allow you to meet with other photographers and share an experience with them. 

Are you interested in joining a Hong Kong photography workshop? Click HERE to join a Wander with Nicole photography workshop. 


Selecting Photos for your Hong Kong Photography Book - Single Images V.S. Collages 

Selecting photos is probably the most important though a bit stressful part of creating a photography book. Do I choose single images or make a collage? How can I organise my pictures? 

Single Images are to give more impact by showcasing a single moment in time. While collages display a collection of photos and give you more to spare to share the special memories. 

To add on, it's always better to have a mix of both, switching between single images and collages when creating your Hong Kong photography book.


Where do I build my Hong Kong Photography Book?

Know who you can build your Hong Kong photography book with. Here are some lists of places the deliver within Hong Kong: 

  • Hong Kong Photobook
  • Milk Book
  • Fotomax

ALWAYS use lay-flat pages too. Lay-flat pages allow you to display images across two pages without being interrupted by the spine of the book. It will make your stunning photos shine. 

Anyways, I hope this gives you some clarity in how you can make your own Hong Kong photography book.

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