What is street photography in Hong Kong?

The term street photography can be defined as the art of taking photos of people while they're in public places. Street photography is often done through candid shots, as opposed to posing a subject or asking permission before snapping a photo. The photographer must capture life at its most candid and honest moment — exactly the way it happens!

Hong Kong taxi with man with umbrella


Street photography in Hong Kong

The city is a great place to shoot street photography. It's filled with people and activity, as well as iconic buildings and transportation. Hong Kong has a rich history, which makes it even more interesting to shoot your photos there.

There are many different locations in Hong Kong where you can take your street photography shots:


The Peak - A popular tourist attraction that overlooks all of Hong Kong Island (and Kowloon) from high above sea level; this is one of the best places to take pictures because there are so many things going on around you at all times!


Temple Street Market Gas Bottle Man Picture Frame

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Temple Street Market - This market offers vendors selling everything from food stalls to merchandise shops.  If you'r lucky you might even catch a gas bottle man out making a delivery.  


Explore Hong Kong.

Street photography is about exploring the world around you and learning about your surroundings. To do this, you must get to know Hong Kong.

First, visit some of its historic sites--the oldest building in Hong Kong was built in 1849! Second, check out some markets where locals shop for groceries and other items they need (like clothing). Thirdly, visit parks that are full of people doing sports [think Tai Chi] or just hanging out with friends and family.


Capture unique images of the building and transportation.

Capture unique images of the building and transportation.

Use a wide angle lens to capture the whole scene.

Capture images in black and white, or colour, depending on your preference.

You can also try taking pictures with people in them for more variety!


Street photography in Hong Kong is a great way to capture unique images of the buildings and transportation. It's also good practice for photographers who want to learn more about their craft. Did you want to learn how to take the best photos in the streets of Hong Kong?

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