Workshop & Camp Policy

Postponement or Cancellation 
In the even that either a participant cannot attend or the program day cannot proceed, the first option will be to reschedule the course.   This normally will occur on the first available weekend. If this is not possible, then the subsequent weekends would follow to makeup the remaining program days.  If none of the proceedings are possible, then in the last resort the program will be considered canceled, and refunds will follow the below guidelines.  
Any Alternative arrangements due to weather are at the discretion of Wander with Nicole.  Wander with Nicole reserves the right to alter or cancel an activity due to safety considerations, including due to weather.  
Serious adverse weather is defined as a Typhoon 3 or above (causing disruption) and Red Rain or above, both based on The Observatory of Hong Kong signals.  
Should adverse weather affect the scheduled start of a program, the program start will be delayed until the weather warning has been lifted.  Wander with Nicole reserves the right to reschedule the program should such weather arise.  
Government Declared Closure
If the government proposes restrictions making the event unable to go ahead as scheduled a refund of 75% will be given with the remaining 25% held to be put towards a future course.   
Individual Participant Cancellations
Participants unable to attend for medical reasons will need to provide a note from a doctor stating they are unable to participate for the full duration of the program or, if they have already participated in the program, Wander with Nicole reserves the right to offer a refund based upon how many days were attended.  
All claims are to be made in full with supporting documents within one calendar week of the program ending.  
Any other requests for rescheduling or cancelling are to be made in writing to and the final outcome is left to the discretion of Wander with Nicole.