Hong Kong Photography Hot Spots

Hong Kong Photography Hot Spots! 

Where to Take Pictures in this photogenic city.

Want to take pictures of Hong Kong but don’t know where to start? I've got your back! These are my top 3 go-to places to capture the true essence of Hong Kong in photography. 

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Wan Chai the hot spot where tradition meets modernity helping to create dynamic Hong Kong photography backdrops


Girl taking photo in Wan Chai Hong Kong Photography course


Wan Chai Heritage Trail

If you are a history and architect lover, you would fall in love with this location. It’s the place where tradition meets modernity. Being the earliest settlement in Hong Kong, the mixture of both the heritage and city buildings allows you to relive in the 19th century. The low roofed buildings with Hong Kong’s tram would make a great composition for your pictures.

Wan Chai Street Market

Why not take some pictures of the retro Hong Kong style corner shops as well? You might find interest in the vast things they sell: Toys, vegetables, local candies, and more! Changes of the angle, composition, and filter can instantly change the mood of your photograph. 

Want to discover Wan Chai even in more depth with your lenses? 

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Sham Shui Po a local Hong Kong photography hot spot


Hong Kong taxi photography Sham Shui Po


Apliu Street

This is the street of bargains in Hong Kong. At any time of the year, you will naturally find crowds of people in this street. No wonder why: You’ll find anything in this street from shoe laces, electronics, toys, to gadgets. What you might find in this street might be unexpected. Why not capture your experiences in the market through your lens?  A real Hong Kong photography favourite.  

Ki Lung Street

When I say Button Street or Fabric Street, I think people know which street I’m talking about. This street specialises in selling buttons and fabric that fill the area with unique textures and colour, surely making your picture interesting. Other than still-life, you could focus on the local people working. It's an interesting way to learn about local daily life through observing and capturing what it is like to be working and living in Hong Kong. 

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Market filled Mong Kok the perfect Hong Kong photography hot spot for adventure


Local lady in the Mong Kok Market


Gold-Fish Street

Gold-Fish Street or ​​the Tung Choi Street is famously known for the two blocks worth of aquariums which can be a great spot for photoshoots or still-life photography. There are infinite options for you to take pictures of: 

  • The red mini buses that fill the streets
  • Colourful fish, turtles, and reptiles
  • Street filled with people 

The raw exchange of kids nagging their parents can be captured at the right moment as you wait across the street with your cameras. I assure you that you will be able to take striking pictures on this Hong Kong photography adventure. 

Ladies Market

If you want to show your friends what it's like in Hong Kong, this part of Mong Kok is the place.

Within the bustling Ladies Market, the photos could capture the people of Hong Kong, almost being able to hear their voices over-lapping each other. To add another layer, the red-taxi would be a perfect element that will encapsulate the retro-side of Hong Kong. Perhaps a slow shutter speed might do the trick to take a mesmerising image. 

Not so sure how to take pictures? Don’t worry I've got your back. 

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