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Wander With Nicole

Christmas Crackers Hong Kong - 3rd EDITION

Christmas Crackers Hong Kong - 3rd EDITION

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Christmas Crackers Hong Kong

6 recycled-paper crackers per box 
Christmas crackers, or bon-bons, are a great addition to any Hong Kong Christmas celebration.  They have been enjoyed by both young and old since they were first invented almost two centuries ago.  
No holiday meal is complete without Christmas Crackers in Hong Kong.  Hear the bang, laugh all-together at the jokes and pop your part hats on for your best Hong Kong Christmas yet!

Each Wander with Nicole Christmas Cracker HK contains: 

- 2 pieces of a puzzle (once all 6 crackers are open, all 12 puzzles pieces can be joined together to create a mini puzzle)
- 24 piece hong kong memory game
- Reuse it for years to come!
- A party hat
- A Hong Kong themed joke
- A location that you can visit and explore in Hong Kong together with friends and family

How can you use your Christmas crackers in Hong Kong?

One of the best things about the holiday season is the abundance of food, family, and friends. But what happens when you're done with the turkey and stuffing and you're looking for something new to do? Well, we have the perfect solution: Hong Kong Christmas Crackers!

These colourful paper tubes are filled with games, jokes, and other fun activities that will make your holiday gathering even more memorable. And because the prizes inside are reusable for years to come, they don’t leave any unnecessary waste.

Hong Kong Christmas crackers are a great gift for anyone who loves to entertain—they make a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer.  Enjoy making new holiday memories with our fun & festive Christmas Crackers in Hong Kong.

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